Elementary School

Early Literacy Plan

In order to determine students’ literacy needs and the appropriate level of instructional literacy support, we screen all kindergarten through third grade students’ reading skills in the first month of the school year using the WYTOPP Interim, Fountas/Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System, and DIBELS (Kg-1). We then analyze these data points, along with the spring benchmark data, to identify students consistently not attaining benchmarks, established by the state and district. Next, we develop Individualized Reading Plans which indicate the Tier II or Tier III interventions that will be provided in addition to the core instructional program, as well as how student responses to intervention and instruction will be monitored.

We will progress monitor students on IRPs and/or in need of literacy interventions through running records such as DIBELS or Fountas/Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention running records. Through these measures, we can assess students’ reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. If running record data does not show a response to interventions, we administer diagnostic assessment/s to determine Tier III literacy interventions tailored to individualized needs. We assess K-3rd grade student literacy growth and achievement in the spring of each year using multiple data points (WYTOPP, DIBELS, F/P BAS) that provide a holistic perspective of students’ fluency, accuracy, comprehension, and instructional reading levels.